Reuben Gupta

A banker pursing masters in IT from CQU Sydney, have a passion for sports and anything to do with it, it’s the best teacher for life lessons. Coming from a family  background of science all around me felt it wasn’t for me hence has an inclination towards sports and relationship management. Father being an astrophysicist, mum a psychologist and sister a neuroscientist had to be the odd one out. Post attending an event at the Indian Consulate got to know about AISECS and the moment i learnt and read what they do fell in love instantly and had a dream to help out my passion which ended in 2017 post a patellor tendon tear. Have noticed so many similarities in terms of sports, education and culture between Australia and India that this was the best platform there is hence looked forward to joining them as a volunteer. My philosophy of life :- Learning and mentor-ship never ends.

Abhiraj Das

I just graduated with a Engineering degree in Information Technology from India. I was at a pretty confusing stage of my life where I had to many ideas to implement and very little expertise to do so. At this moment thanks to some guidance from one of my well wishers in India, I got to know about AISECS.

Right before landing here in Australia, AISECS helped me in clearing my general doubts about University life, accommodation, international student health-cover, casual job opportunities and finding right contacts for networking in Australia. AISECS has helped me integrate both the Indian and Australian culture into myself and today I can proudly claim that I am on path of becoming a global citizen.

Sharon Roy

As a former international student from Mumbai, India, Sharon has recently finished a Master of Information and Communications Technology (Advanced) at the Western Sydney University. Sharon embraced the opportunity to participate in the November 2017 cohort of an award- winning Work Integrated Learning Global Scope program delivered by Practera (an Australian Edu-tech Start up) supported by Study NSW, which engages teams of university students to deliver short-term business projects to a range of clients. Sharon then completed an internship with Practera, which progressed to a part-time Customer Success Specialist role and now transitioned to a full-time Programs Coordinator/ Quality Assurance Engineer role.

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