Australian Indian Sports, Educational and Cultural Society (AISECS) aims to promote, enhance and facilitate sports, educational and cultural ties between Australia and India. AISECS is all about people, our communities and a synergistic shared future. A not-for-profit organisation supported by professional and academic volunteers, AISECS is an equal-opportunity force multiplier that works towards helping newcomers to Australia assimilate into its multicultural canvas and take Australia – the land of opportunities – to the world.


AISECS believes to bring a revolution, a change in the thinking and a will to achieve. Our mission is simple- stand as one!
We also pledge:

  • ´To build a stronger multicultural society that aims to strengthen relations between nations
  • To bring diversity and inclusiveness in the world for the present and the future.
  • To stand for the right and to do the right


AISECS is an active voice and strong advocate of integration and development between Australia and India through sports, educational and cultural exchange programmes. Both India and Australia are two of the world’s most cohesive, multicultural societies. AISECS believes both countries can enhance their shared values and make our communities a better place to grow in.


gurnam_tedxGurnam Singh, the founder of AISECS had humble beginnings in India. But Australia provided his entrepreneurial potential with the perfect laboratory to make his dream take flight. A diverse nation of 1.3 billion people, where cricket is often labelled as a ‘religion’, India presents an ocean of possibilities and opportunities to Australia, a nation which has a roaring love affair with all kinds of sport and a voracious appetite for international student enrollment.

This is where Gurnam, a sports entrepreneur and educational activist, becomes a bridge between the two countries which have endless potential to service each other’s needs in these sectors in particular, and several others in general.

From his first job at a car wash in 2007 to waiting tables till 20xy, Gurnam has come a long way and there has been no looking back. Today, he stands out from the crowd as he makes a pitch for strengthening Australia-India ties amongst leaders in politics, business, sports and education.
Once looked down upon for not being fluent in English, today Gurnam has become the first person from his Sikh community in Australia to speak at the prestigious TEDx platform in 2020.

Gurnam calls many icons in Australian and Indian sports, politics and education his friends and is often invited to be a part of select events organised by and for them.

He who was once frowned upon for wearing the Sikh turban, is now a fashion icon and stylist amongst the community and an ambassador of multiculturalism in Australia. His flamboyant sartorial choices celebrate his love for both countries he loves.

Gurnam also spends considerable time and energy in leading AISECS’ efforts towards philanthropy and fundraising. Hundreds of international students, not limited to India, have benefited from their social service programmes, especially during the Covid-19 crisis.




From his first job at a car wash and waiting tables to his current resume which boasts his education in business, leadership and supporting leading firms nationally and internationally.
He who was once looked down for not being able to converse affluently in English is now facilitated as a public speaker, sports merchandiser, a philanthropist, business connector and many more.
He who was once pulled out for wearing the turban is now a fashion icon, stylist and an ambassador of multiculturalism.


For AISECS, the mantra is cementing the relationship between Australia and India. Whether that calls for volunteering while reaching out to international students in need, or showing up at big ticket sports events in both countries by invitation, or even jazzing up community events by inviting top honchos from the world politics, sports and education to raise funds for a worthy cause, AISECS is fast becoming a force multiplier in putting Australia-India ties first.
For AISECS, India is the motherland and Australia, the homeland. We aim to serve both.