Australian Indian Sports, Educational and Cultural Society (AISECS) aims to promote, enhance and facilitate sports, education and cultural investment between Australia and India. AISECS is all about the people, community, and how it can better empower, support and connect to those that will help make a difference. A complete non for profit organisation, that runs on the support of various professional, academic and volunteers not limited to caste, religion, sex and age. AISECS is for all- by all.


AISECS believes to bring a revolution, a change in the thinking and a will to achieve. Our mission is simple- stand as one!
We also pledge:

  • ´To build a stronger multicultural society that aims to strengthen relations between nations
  • To bring diversity and inclusiveness in the world for the present and the future.
  • To stand for the right and to do the right


Our vision at AISEC is to be an active voice, be involved in promoting peace and development within the two nations and enhance the bilateral Australia-India relationship. AISECS’s vision is achieved by being involved in Australia and India through encouraging, harmony and advancement, to continue our efforts to ensure that within the two great nations and enhance the bilateral Australia-India relationship in respective fields and to learn, respect and accept. Both India and Australia remain two of the world’s most cohesive, multicultural societies, from all walks of life and together we can enhance our shared values and make our communities that we share a better place.



Coming from humble beginnings and a rich diverse nation of 1.3 billion people where cricket is a religion, below is a brief of a man in turban and how he contributes to build ties between two nations on the ground of his love for a sport.

They called him “Gurnam”, meaning the name of Guru or in layman’s term having mastery of establishing no matter what. Just like his name, as a little boy Gurnam always tried to strike a balance between his love for sports and meeting his parents expectations to excel academically.

In the quest to make a difference in the society and with an entrepreneurial dream, young Gurnam landed to Australia in 2007 with a dream in his eye, few dollars in his pocket, his mum’s blessings and the determination to make a difference.





From his first job at a car wash and waiting tables to his current resume which boasts his education in business, leadership and supporting leading firms nationally and internationally.
He who was once looked down for not being able to converse affluently in English is now facilitated as a public speaker, sports merchandiser, a philanthropist, business connector and many more.
He who was once pulled out for wearing the turban is now a fashion icon, stylist and an ambassador of multiculturalism.


Gurnam’s journey has been a roller-coaster ride, at the time when young migrants that moved to Australia were more focused on making ends meet and building a lifestyle of luxury, Gurnam had his own plans, the message was simple- he wanted to bring change.
A revolution that would be astronomical in endowing people of two nations to come together and make difference in the community in the field of sports and education.
Since then, there has been no stopping, from volunteering community sports events to selling his vision to expats, delegates and political influencers.
He did it all to achieve his dream and help built others. In his words, my life’s motive is to bring a culture of diversity, an inclusive society and to service a nation that I call home “Australia”.