About This Program

The Australian-Indian Sports Education and Cultural Society (AISECS) is pleased to announce that it recently completed a successful trip to India. On the trip, they were able to show how much they supported the UMCC Academy. This incredible charity makes it easy for children to participate in sports, regardless of their financial background. This ensures that everyone has the opportunity to take part in these activities, helping ensure that they get the benefits of social interaction. It also makes sure that the next generation can lead a healthy lifestyle, learning the value of exercise.

Sadly, this trip also showed that there is still a lot of work to do. A lot of families don’t have the financial resources needed to enroll children in these programs. This can be a heartbreaking situation, especially when the children have a strong desire to take part. In addition, it showed that many clubs don’t have the resources needed to put on these programs. For example, they might not be able to afford coaches or buy the equipment needed to put on these games. Without this equipment, it can be very difficult for children to practice sports, like cricket, effectively. Thankfully, AISECS was able to provide some support for these clubs during their visit.

While it was upsetting for the founder of AISECS, Gurnam Singh to see how many families were struggling financially, he was thrilled to be able to bring them some relief. AISECS has always been trying to find more effective ways to help these families and clubs. On this trip, they were able to announce their support to the UMCC. This organization works with these underprivileged families, ensuring that they have the opportunity to take part in sporting events. It was started by Uttam Mazumder, who brings his extensive experience into each coaching session. Uttam used to play for Ranji and played for 5 years for Sahara India. He’s since spent 15 years coaching underprivileged kids.

Gurnam Singh was also able to meet the children and their families. This gave him a unique perspective on the current problems faced by underprivileged children. Through this program, some of these children have been lucky enough to develop their skills. For example, Faizal Salmani has been able to improve his batting through the program at UMCC. This has allowed him to hit four hundred at the Delhi T20 games. Before this program, he never had the opportunity to show these skills to talent scouts because he lives in an impoverished part of Delhi. Another standout student was Hemant Shukla, who is playing brilliantly as both a batsman and a fielder. He’s spent the last five years in the program at UMCC, which has allowed him to improve his skills greatly. Finally, Gurnam was lucky enough to meet Krishna Yadav who’s been playing for both the under 14 and under 16 teams as a batsman and bowler. By able to support these children from less developed areas, Gurnam was able to witness first-hand the incredible impact that it’s had on their lives.

Though this a complex situation to address, AISECS is taking steps to help ensure that underprivileged children can have access to the sporting equipment that they need. One of the most recent actions taken by this organization was meeting with the UMCC and the cricket clubs that they support. This proves that this kind of action can have a big impact. Also, because they are an Australian charity, they have been able to greatly improve the relationship between Australia and India. By supporting AISECS, you can support these highly talented kids, making sure that they get the opportunities that they deserve. We are looking forward to working with sports, education, management and government organization. So, stay tuned for more news about the actions that AISCES is taking to address this problem.