reet pal singh

Reet Pal Singh, a Software professional with a decade of experience behind working in some of the top fortune 500 companies has a great passion for sports and public speaking. Having graduated in the year of Recession and going through tough times before getting into corporate world taught me various facts of life and deal with every situation head-on. AISECS is providing a platform to build a more stronger relation between Australia and India who have so much to offer each other in the field of sports, education and culture and getting associated with it provides me the opportunity to work for the same and help all those young students who have come here with some dreams.

Award: NSW Volunteer of the Year-2020


Reuben Williams, launched The SportsGrad Podcast as the #1 ‘Careers’ podcast in Australia. After starting his career at Cricket Australia on the Monday following his final exam, he is now extremely passionate about enabling others to chase the jobs of their dreams through his startup, SportsGrad. Along side his extensive experience within Digital, Commercial and Communications in sport, his success is built on the values of thinking big, and helping others.


Radhika Bhandarai, has over 10 years of experience working in different sectors with passion for public speaking, mentoring and leading took me to different places from construction sites in Melbourne to resorts in Cairns and taught me what no other school ever taught and that is, to have confidence to be me. Presently working as a Exminations Co-ordinator in one of the Australia prestigious university. The biggest lesson learnt I have learnt through my experiences is; dignity of labour and the equality in opportunity I received throughout my career. All this did not matter and this was the reality I wanted to live for and now as women ambassador for AISEC’s I want to help bring change or be a part of it.


Guru Dha, as he is known, called Australia home since 1999 and is a licensed NSW Real Estate agent. Guru epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work, people skills, social media expertise and creative service in everyday life. Guru is always on forefront when its come to assisting Australian community and to raise funds for common cause. He loves the quality of life Australia has to offer and extremely proud of the work he has done to help migrants and students to settle in Australia. A man with many year of managerial & leadership experience with Federal Govt , he is known to all as one with easy going nature,inspired leader with can do attitude.