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AISECS Webinar Series: Sport in the new normal

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The uncertain and unpredictable challenges that the COVID-19 virus produced, put the entire world in a spot of bother. The never-give-up attitude of humanity ensured that we are collectively stronger than the virus, and we will keep fighting against it. Just like various other industries, ‘Sport in the new normal’ is a different atmosphere that the world is getting used to.

Sport is a medium that unites individuals across the world and AISECS certainly believes it has helped in strengthening the bilateral relationship between India and Australia. AISECS is announcing a Webinar Series to shed light on the new rules, regulations as well as the structure across different sports especially when it comes to the grassroots level and bridge the gap between talent and opportunity.

At AISECS, we are constantly being approached by parents of budding athletes from the subcontinent who aren’t quite sure of the best way to allow their child to participate in club-level sports. They have a very minimal understanding of the structure and pathways in Australian sports and therefore are unaware of the avenues available to see their child grow. Through these webinars, we intend to educate the community on ways to participate and get involved right from grassroots all the way to professional-level sport.

To do this, we will be conducting webinars with representatives from each state who will be brought together on a common platform to inform the community about the structure of sport in Australia. This webinar series will cover multiple sports where our primary aim will be to spread first-hand knowledge and awareness of the sport, educate about the new rules and ways to be involved within the sport at the foundation level.

The way we will be doing this is by inviting the stakeholders from each game i.e. people involved in Participation, Game development, High Performance, Diversity & Inclusion, Player Development, Talent Identification & Pathways, and State Infrastructure to ensure there are key takeaways for the attendees. In addition to the above, we also aim to educate the people about the rise of women in sport and equal opportunities along with increased female participation.

Through this initiative, we hope to strengthen inter-state ties, improve grassroots participation, discuss coach education platforms and most importantly, keep the passion of sports consistent and moving forward.

AISECS Webinar Series – Sport in the new normal

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High Commissioner of India to Australia addresses International Students on Covid-19 challenges

Interactive session of High Commissioner of India with students on the COVID-19 situation. On 17 April 2020, the High Commissioner of India to Australia Mr. Gitesh Sarma had a live interaction with Indian students from major cities across Australia on the COVID19 pandemic situation.

During the discussions facilitated by the Australian-Indian Sports Educational and Cultural Society (AISECS), Mr.Gitesh Sarma responded to a number of specific queries from participants on various issues related to the welfare of the Indian student community in Australia.

In the course of his interaction, Mr. Sarma briefed the students on the various steps taken by the Mission and the three Indian Consulates in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to provide relief assistance to needy Indian nationals, especially the student community across major cities in the country.

In this regard, Mr. Sarma also noted and conveyed his appreciation for the major role played by Indian community and diaspora organisations in Australia in serving the needy during the difficult times.

In response to queries on travelling back to India, Mr. Sarma pointed to the extension of travel restrictions in India till 3 May 2020 and emphasised on the importance of everyone to come together in the national and global effort to resolutely fight the pandemic. Emphasising on the need to develop a feeling of togetherness, Mr. Sarma requested the students to be in close touch with their family and friends, while ensuring that they comply with the relevant advisories from the local authorities and follow the social distancing norms. Consul General of India in Sydney Mr. Manish Gupta, Founder of AISECS Mr. Gurnam Singh and Ambassador Mr. Reet Pal Singh also participated actively during the interaction.

Thank you Ministry of External Affairs Government of India for the support.

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scott morrisson

Request to Prime Minister to help International students

As we all are well aware of the global health situation due to COVID-19 pandemic, A young student who traveled thousands of miles with high aspirations and eyes filled with dreams to reach the land of opportunities “Australia” is now scared and vulnerable, so AISECS on behalf of International students requested Hon. Prime Minister Scott Morrison to assist all international students with their tuition fee, working hours, financial funding etc.

This is not only one but the story of many anonymous students who reached out to us seeking help with a hope that AISECS will stand to get their voice heard. While you are leading the country and have always stood for the people of the country in tough times, we will not take much of your time but would like to keep some requests in brief on the behalf of our international students, thousands of citizens who came as international students, ex-pats, and the Australian community.

Read official letter to Prime Minister here –  Letter_to_PM

After AISECS sent the letter to Hon. Prime Minster Scott Morrisson, a very positive reply has been received from Prime Minister office for the work they are doing to help everybody in this difficult time.

Read the reply from Prime Minister office – Reply_from_PMO

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AISECS views on COVID-19 Global Broadcast

The recent crisis has shook the world around and the impact is felt all over with implications on job, accommodation, mental health etc. One of the renown TV main stream channel SIKH CHANNEL which hosts shows in Punjabi language invited AISECS founder, Gurnam Singh as a panelist from Australia(AU) with other panelists from United Kingdom (UK) and New Zealand (NZ) respectively to discuss about the current situation and how AISECS as the organization is helping from their perspective in Australia (AU)



Radio Haanji is the only independent community radio station in Melbourne that broadcasts seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and brings Punjabi music, Hindi music, Hindi classic songs, top-ten countdowns, current affairs, BBC World, India and Punjab news, cultural and religious programs, interviews, talk-shows, and other community-related programs to the North Indian, Punjabi, and broader Indian communities. AISECS, Founder Gurnam Singh on RADIO Hanji discussing about the recent economic crisis, impact and what can be done as a community to help all specially International students. 

Listen to interview Here

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covid-19 guidelines

COVID-19 guidelines

As Covid-19 continues to spread across the globe this is the testing time for all of us and AISECS appeals to everyone as directed by various governments in the world to maintain social distancing and protect yourself by following healthy practices prescribed by the World Health Organization (WHO). Even if you are young and otherwise healthy, you are at risk. Keep yourself updated with the latest news, follow preventive measures, practice respiratory hygiene and stay responsible for the community.

Also, I appeal to all the International students kindly reach out to us  or other supporting authorities if anyone of you or your near dear ones is tested positive with covid-19 or caught up with the symptoms.  AISECS along with the government/higher authorities will take all the necessary steps to help you at the first. Follow general health practices to protect yourself prescribed by WHO.

If you have traveled recently or planning to, please follow the travel advisory by the Australian government. Australia is very well prepared for dealing with the coronavirus and is committed to ensuring all international students stay safe, informed and supported.

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AISECS reaching out to our firefighters in NSW who are fighting against Bush Fire

Whenever it comes to any kind of crises, AISECS always try to reach out with open hands because we believe in being human and helping out with the best available resources we have, whether it be by making the efforts of buying the goods or cooking 100 meals delivering and supplying it directly to the public in need.

Unfortunately, this has been the worst week of fires and as we all know summers has just begun so which means it will only get worse every new day.
So during this tough time ,our main agenda on this issue is going to be that we Constantly keep doing drop offs for our fire fighters and give them whatever they require by being united .

Friends, we need your support like always to hold hands and come in full force to rest these fires out.  We cant beat nature’s force over night but we can bring hope and love in people’s hearts.

Kindly support our firefighters and the community by donating whatever you can guys.

Please share the helping hand during this time of bushfire crises and spread the message of kindness.

#NSW Rural Fire Service
#Hawkesbury Headquarters Rural Fire Brigade
#Fire and Rescue NSW
#NSW RFS Hawkesbury Catering Brigade

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Protecting Yourself

The biggest vaccine as of now against corona virus is protecting yourself and isolating from gatherings. At initial stage its very difficult to predict COVID-19 but some symptoms of COVID-19  include fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. Some of the handy tips to protect yourself are:

    • 1. Regularly and thoroughly wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water or use an alcohol-based sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol


    • 2. Wash your hands before, during and after food preparation, and between handling raw and cooked food


    • 3. Wipe down benches and tables after use with alcohol-based disinfectant wipes


    • 4. Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue, then dispose of the used tissue immediately


    • 5. Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose and mouth


    • 6. Stay at home if you feel unwell


    • 7. If you are unwell or concerned about your health you should isolate yourself in a room away from others, contact your GP or a health professional.


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Victor Dominello vs B Vanlalvawna’s cricket match

Newly formed organisation AISECS (Australian Indian Sports, Educational and Cultural society) is aiming to strengthen the social cohesion between Australian and Indian communities even stronger.

Why ASIECS is different from other organisations, is the way it is launching itself — by holding a cricket match between Australian politicians and Indian consulate officials.

Victor Dominello and colleagues to face B Vanlalvawna’s team at cricket grounds.Gurnam Singh founder and president of AISECS told SBS Punjabi, ‘We are a team of volunteers coming from various backgrounds who have established ourselves in this land of opportunities by working all the way up from scratch. We now feel it’s our responsibility to provide guidance and directions to the future generations so that they can fulfil their dreams without going through too much struggle’.

‘In other words, AISECS is an organisation founded by common people, and for the common people. AISECS is aiming to create stronger future pathways by way of utilizing the rich cultural and sporting heritage that these two nations have in common’.

Gurnam Says, ‘The creativity of AISECS can be judged from its formal launch – unlike traditional hotel and club launches, we are inviting a show match between Australian politicians and Indian Consulate office bearers. All are invited to join to enjoy a day full of fun and sports at Meadowbank grounds (on Constitution Road) on 16th Sep starting from 10.30am’.

Would be lots of fun cricket with Consul General officials and Australian Politicians.The future plans and series of events that AISECS is going to bring to the communities would be announced at the launch itself. These will comprise planning and execution of oncoming summer of cricket series between visiting Indian team and Australia as well as holding of few other events to help international students who come here in Australia for fulfilling their dreams.

Gurnam says, ‘One of AISECS main aims is to make international students feel welcome in Australia and provide all possible assistance to the newcomers. We, the team AISECS are from a variety of backgrounds and are confident to provide ongoing support and guidance on a variety of topics’.

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Consul General-XI beat Minster’s-XI in Sydney

The match, organised by AISECS under the leadership of Mr Gurnam Singh was friendly in nature but not in spirit. Mr Dominello warned Mr Vanlalvawna from the stage during the opening ceremony of a tough fight. He said, “We are here to win.”

Mr Vanlalvawna replied with a gentle smile, “Let our bat and ball respond.”

This friendly cricket match was an initiative of AISECS to bring communities together and give the cricketing season a harmonious start. Mr Gurnam Singh said, “Cricket is the best medium to bring India and Australia together. We youngsters want to make a society which plays together, stays together. I hope this initiative brings the point home.”

CG-XI chose to bat first after winning the toss. The team played well despite losing its first wicket in the second over. The placed a massive total of 194 on the scoreboard in the 15 overs.

Minister’s-XI responded well with some great knocks but fell very short of the target. They could make 154 runs in 15 overs, losing the match to CG-XI.

Source: SBS Hindi

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International student Covid-19 survey


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