Request to universities in Australia

Request to universities in Australia to support International students

Amid the current COVID-19 situation which has impacted the international students, AISECS sent a letter to the universities  in Australia as a request to help and support for the students who are away from their families and going through tough times here.

Many of the international students have lost their jobs due to the closing of businesses and because of lockdown, it’s not easy for them to pay the fees, their rentals, and mobile/internet bills.

Education changes the world and while decision-makers always do best to keep up, we advise all the pros and cons should be measured properly so that our students feel safe and secure in our country

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There are various channels which can be contacted if you are feeling unwell or feeling down. 

Contact the Public Health Information Line on 1800 004 599.

Discuss any questions you have with your state or territory Public Health Agency.

  • . ACT call 02 5124 9213
  • . NSW call 1300 066 055
  • . NT call 08 8922 8044
  • . QLD call 13HEALTH (13 43 25 84)
  • . SA call 1300 232 272
  • . TAS call 1800 671 738
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Protecting Yourself

The biggest vaccine as of now against corona virus is protecting yourself and isolating from gatherings. At initial stage its very difficult to predict COVID-19 but some symptoms of COVID-19  include fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. Some of the handy tips to protect yourself are:

    • 1. Regularly and thoroughly wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water or use an alcohol-based sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol


    • 2. Wash your hands before, during and after food preparation, and between handling raw and cooked food


    • 3. Wipe down benches and tables after use with alcohol-based disinfectant wipes


    • 4. Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue, then dispose of the used tissue immediately


    • 5. Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose and mouth


    • 6. Stay at home if you feel unwell


    • 7. If you are unwell or concerned about your health you should isolate yourself in a room away from others, contact your GP or a health professional.


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Information for Students

With the current situation of corona virus the education sector as taken a big hit with students not able to attend the classes and labs. Some of the tips students need to seek during this time are:

  • 1. Get in contact with your universities to find online schedule for your classes
  • 2. Check if you can defer your program until Term 2 or 3 or further
  • 3. Get in touch with your universities on how they can support the financials and accommodation during this time
  • 4. Find out what your university is doing in response to  the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • 6. Form online group with friends to discuss and follow a study plan with them
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International student Covid-19 survey


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