Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Being an entrepreneur can be challenging and sometimes exhilarating, but once you are the boss, all the decisions and leads belong to you. The most important thing to stand out in the crowd is to have objectivity with good observation.

It’s not an easy path, but for some people being a leader is a passion that can’t be ignored. This program is a great starting point if you have plans to start your own company in future. We teach you to spot opportunity anywhere, even in fetching a cup of tea and use it in designing your own business idea.

Through this program, we are giving you a great path to come up with your own unique ideas, take the charge, create a team and manage the project.

The Essentials:

Great entrepreneurs are tasked to discover new problems and create innovative ideas.

  • Candidate should be a strategic thinker, must be resilient with impeccable communication skills.
  • He/she must be curious and punctual with the deadlines assigned.
  • You are proactive, autonomous with an entrepreneur mindset.
  • Enthusiasm and desire to learn and be successful in business development and sales.Great entrepreneurs are tasked to discover new problems and create innovative ideas.
  • You have extensive hands-on experience working with Excel and Google Sheets

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Willing to handle new projects with own ideas under the guidance of a senior.
  • Develop and create original content which you can make your own and create from start to finish.
  • Create leads, networking, and identify new business opportunities.
  • Market your business and maintain your sales’ levels.
  • Help create marketing plans based on research and implement them with the support of the founder.
  • Business Research – keep track of the competition and industry updates.