Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, due to limited grant available this time, we and ACCF have selected the students based on the criteria mentioned. Selected students will be contacted by AISECS. If anything comes up in the future, we will contact you.
aisecs accf collaboration

International students are stranded in Australia, few of them are unable to meet basic living expenses due to the financial crisis. AISECS in association with ACCF is offering a short term emergency assistance to the international students as a relief in the covid-19 pandemic who lost their casual jobs and are isolated away from their homes.

Terms & Conditions apply
* Applicants must hold a valid student visa.
* Applicants must hold a valid student Id.
* Student should be a first-time applicant for this program.


* Places are limited.
* First come first-served basis.
* All the applications will be reviewed and the limited students meeting the above mentioned criteria will be provided the grant of $300 each. Confirmation will be sent through an email.

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