High Commissioner of India to Australia addresses International Students on Covid-19 challenges

Interactive session of High Commissioner of India with students on the COVID-19 situation. On 17 April 2020, the High Commissioner of India to Australia Mr. Gitesh Sarma had a live interaction with Indian students from major cities across Australia on the COVID19 pandemic situation.

During the discussions facilitated by the Australian-Indian Sports Educational and Cultural Society (AISECS), Mr.Gitesh Sarma responded to a number of specific queries from participants on various issues related to the welfare of the Indian student community in Australia.

In the course of his interaction, Mr. Sarma briefed the students on the various steps taken by the Mission and the three Indian Consulates in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to provide relief assistance to needy Indian nationals, especially the student community across major cities in the country.

In this regard, Mr. Sarma also noted and conveyed his appreciation for the major role played by Indian community and diaspora organisations in Australia in serving the needy during the difficult times.

In response to queries on travelling back to India, Mr. Sarma pointed to the extension of travel restrictions in India till 3 May 2020 and emphasised on the importance of everyone to come together in the national and global effort to resolutely fight the pandemic. Emphasising on the need to develop a feeling of togetherness, Mr. Sarma requested the students to be in close touch with their family and friends, while ensuring that they comply with the relevant advisories from the local authorities and follow the social distancing norms. Consul General of India in Sydney Mr. Manish Gupta, Founder of AISECS Mr. Gurnam Singh and Ambassador Mr. Reet Pal Singh also participated actively during the interaction.

Thank you Ministry of External Affairs Government of India for the support.

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letter to morrison and modi

Morrisson-Modi telephonic conversation shaping Indo-Oz ties amid Covid-19 crisis

A few days back, there was a wave of despair and depression among all the International students when Australian Prime Minister considering the current health situation gave the statement, where he said- visitor visa holders and International Students who are unable to support themselves due to the corona virus crisis can return to their home countries as their main focus will be on their own citizens and residents (source: News.com.au). This led to an outrageous reaction of the public as this was all unexpected from the government.

Today, Hon’ble Prime Ministers of India and Australia Shri Narendra Modi and Scott Morrisson had a telephonic conversation to discuss the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the strategies both the governments are adopting for the safety of their countries. As we know, in the counting of International Students, most of the space is constituted by the Indian students.

All in all, both the nations decided to stand together amid this crisis and agreed to share the bilateral experience. Indian Prime Minister stated that their government will provide necessary facilitation and support to all the Australian citizens stuck in India due to travel restrictions. (Source: PIB)

On similar grounds, Australian Prime Minister assured that the Indian community, including Indian international students would be considered as a significant part of the Australian community.  The two leaders agreed to remain attentive to the wider significance of the India-Australia partnership, including in the Indo-Pacific region, even as they focus on solving the present health crisis, the statement said.

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AISECS sent a much-required letter to the telecom minister & service providers

AISECS (Australian Indian Sports educational and cultural society) requested Telecom Minister to help the international student community in Australia by providing a much needed discount for calling and internet services for the next 3-6 months. Most international students are self-funded and rely on casual jobs to take care of their living expenses which include their telephone bills.

As you are well aware, the COVID-19 outbreak has led to a lockdown and subsequent job loss for a lot of Australian residents. However, International students are the most affected during these times as they do not receive any financial assistance from CentreLink.

Official letter to Telecom Minister here –  DiscountedServices_for_International_students

Letter to Telecom service providers – To_TelecomProviders_CEO

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for lease

Struggle to Pay the rent

Rent or No Rent?

In light of recent events, laws and regulations are being made like never before. COVID-19 has taken the world by a storm and disrupted livelihoods greatly. Unemployment and closed workplaces has caused great financial struggle for many. Rent is a major concern for tenants facing financial adversity. Scott Morrison’s government has taken the wise and applaudable action to put a 6 month moratorium (ban) on evictions for residential and commercial tenants. This means that landlords cannot evict tenants for at least 6 months, therefore they are not to fear homelessness during this pandemic.

A fair and logical agreement is to be made between landlords and tenants during the period of this crisis. Tenants need to emphasize their need for rent reductions and landlords must show compassion and make reductions or not charge at all.  Landlords are also being assisted by the government as they take this initiative, something tenants can bring up while having the talk. With mortgage payments at an extreme low of 0.25% interest, financial strain is greatly eased. If it is still not manageable, pausing repayments for up to 6 months from Commonwealth Bank, NAB, Westpac or ANZ is a viable option.

Further rules are yet to be passed by the government in the coming days with stricter guidelines. This is great planning to keep landlords afloat and keep domestic and international tenants under a roof. It is a commendable step taken by the government amid the pandemic adversities.


Real Estate


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scott morrisson

Request to Prime Minister to help International students

As we all are well aware of the global health situation due to COVID-19 pandemic, A young student who traveled thousands of miles with high aspirations and eyes filled with dreams to reach the land of opportunities “Australia” is now scared and vulnerable, so AISECS on behalf of International students requested Hon. Prime Minister Scott Morrison to assist all international students with their tuition fee, working hours, financial funding etc.

This is not only one but the story of many anonymous students who reached out to us seeking help with a hope that AISECS will stand to get their voice heard. While you are leading the country and have always stood for the people of the country in tough times, we will not take much of your time but would like to keep some requests in brief on the behalf of our international students, thousands of citizens who came as international students, ex-pats, and the Australian community.

Read official letter to Prime Minister here –  Letter_to_PM

After AISECS sent the letter to Hon. Prime Minster Scott Morrisson, a very positive reply has been received from Prime Minister office for the work they are doing to help everybody in this difficult time.

Read the reply from Prime Minister office – Reply_from_PMO

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AISECS views on COVID-19 Global Broadcast

The recent crisis has shook the world around and the impact is felt all over with implications on job, accommodation, mental health etc. One of the renown TV main stream channel SIKH CHANNEL which hosts shows in Punjabi language invited AISECS founder, Gurnam Singh as a panelist from Australia(AU) with other panelists from United Kingdom (UK) and New Zealand (NZ) respectively to discuss about the current situation and how AISECS as the organization is helping from their perspective in Australia (AU)



Radio Haanji is the only independent community radio station in Melbourne that broadcasts seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and brings Punjabi music, Hindi music, Hindi classic songs, top-ten countdowns, current affairs, BBC World, India and Punjab news, cultural and religious programs, interviews, talk-shows, and other community-related programs to the North Indian, Punjabi, and broader Indian communities. AISECS, Founder Gurnam Singh on RADIO Hanji discussing about the recent economic crisis, impact and what can be done as a community to help all specially International students. 

Listen to interview Here

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Request to universities in Australia

Request to universities in Australia to support International students

Amid the current COVID-19 situation which has impacted the international students, AISECS sent a letter to the universities  in Australia as a request to help and support for the students who are away from their families and going through tough times here.

Many of the international students have lost their jobs due to the closing of businesses and because of lockdown, it’s not easy for them to pay the fees, their rentals, and mobile/internet bills.

Education changes the world and while decision-makers always do best to keep up, we advise all the pros and cons should be measured properly so that our students feel safe and secure in our country

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covid-19 guidelines

COVID-19 guidelines

As Covid-19 continues to spread across the globe this is the testing time for all of us and AISECS appeals to everyone as directed by various governments in the world to maintain social distancing and protect yourself by following healthy practices prescribed by the World Health Organization (WHO). Even if you are young and otherwise healthy, you are at risk. Keep yourself updated with the latest news, follow preventive measures, practice respiratory hygiene and stay responsible for the community.

Also, I appeal to all the International students kindly reach out to us  or other supporting authorities if anyone of you or your near dear ones is tested positive with covid-19 or caught up with the symptoms.  AISECS along with the government/higher authorities will take all the necessary steps to help you at the first. Follow general health practices to protect yourself prescribed by WHO.

If you have traveled recently or planning to, please follow the travel advisory by the Australian government. Australia is very well prepared for dealing with the coronavirus and is committed to ensuring all international students stay safe, informed and supported.

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Kohli and Shastri receives honour in Sydney Cricket Ground

Indian cricket team’s captain Virat Kohli and coach Ravi Shastri have been granted honorary membership to the Sydney Cricket Ground.
This honour has been granted to only two other international cricketers in the past. Former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and West Indies great Brian Lara are the honorary members of SCG.

“The SCG congratulates Team India for securing its first Test series win on Australian soil,” said SCG Chairman Tony Shepherd in a statement.

“It is wonderful to see the world’s largest cricketing nation putting its focus firmly on Test cricket – a step that will reinforce the pre-eminence of Tests in the global cricketing landscape.

“Virat and Ravi have been at the forefront of that and Test cricket are well served having both placing such significance on the five-day format.”

Australian-Indian sports educational and cultural society (AISECS) took the initiative to get the achievement of these Indian cricket legends acknowledged in Australia.

Gurnam Singh, the founder of AISECS, was present at the moment. He says Virat Kohli was humbled and excited at the moment.

Virat Kohli has become the only Indian cricket captain to win a test series on Australian soil.

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AISECS reaching out to our firefighters in NSW who are fighting against Bush Fire

Whenever it comes to any kind of crises, AISECS always try to reach out with open hands because we believe in being human and helping out with the best available resources we have, whether it be by making the efforts of buying the goods or cooking 100 meals delivering and supplying it directly to the public in need.

Unfortunately, this has been the worst week of fires and as we all know summers has just begun so which means it will only get worse every new day.
So during this tough time ,our main agenda on this issue is going to be that we Constantly keep doing drop offs for our fire fighters and give them whatever they require by being united .

Friends, we need your support like always to hold hands and come in full force to rest these fires out.  We cant beat nature’s force over night but we can bring hope and love in people’s hearts.

Kindly support our firefighters and the community by donating whatever you can guys.

Please share the helping hand during this time of bushfire crises and spread the message of kindness.

#NSW Rural Fire Service
#Hawkesbury Headquarters Rural Fire Brigade
#Fire and Rescue NSW
#NSW RFS Hawkesbury Catering Brigade

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